Jardines de los Andes is a 50 year old company dedicated to breeding, cultivating and exporting fresh cut flowers. Founded in 1969 it is recognized as the premier & pioneer grower in Colombia for its innovation and top quality standards. Over 250 million flowers arrive yearly to American and European homes through florists and retail outlets making everyday a special occasion.

Located in Colombia, at the Bogota Sabana, only 1 hour away from the city center

With over 200 Hectares, our farms handle over 40 different crops & 367 different varieties that make our product assortment unique.

Jardines de los Andes is one of the largest growers of Alstroemerias worldwide with 50 hectares dedicated to grow 46 different varieties.

We also cultivate 81 varieties of pompons with 10 exclusively developed for our customers. We are widely recognized by the quality of our alstroemerias, chrysanthemums and mixed bouquets.

We are lucky to have over 2,500 committed persons working at our farms to bring top quality products to the market.


We serve over 600.000 meals a year and work hard to improve the life's standards of our employees and their families. Jardines de los Andes farms offer free medical and dental services for all employees. The company sponsors a wide employee fund that has helped over 4,500 families improve or buy their own homes in the past 40 years.


We take pride in our high standards for environmental protection and responsibility. Our farms collect over 75% of rain water thus making our operation autonomous with no dependency on wells. We recycle more than 20,000 tons of vegetative waste producing more than 3,000 tons of compost a year for our crops. We have attained the Rainforest Alliance, Florverde and Sedex certifications and constantly work to develop new procedures to sustainably coexist with our environment.


In 2000 we founded Huaylas a place for after school activities for kids and teenagers. A modern computer lab, a complete and updated library and workshops give opportunities and support to all family members and parents with children. HUAYLAS has benefited over 3,000 families yearly since it opened its doors in Madrid, the hometown of Jardines de los Andes.

With our alstro and sinensis breeding we evaluate over


varieties a year.


Today we have


exclusive varieties of alstro and one of sinensis.

By having strong alliances with Royal Van Zanten® and Progeny Breeding® we evaluate more than


codes a year, giving us the advantage of using commercial varieties before they reach the market.

Our Customers

 Our flowers arrive to american and european homes to brighten their days thanks to our business partners in the different market segments